Monday, December 2, 2013

Featured Vendor: Vintage Mill City

"As a kid, my grandmother (My Nan) would take me on weekly, if not daily trips to The Goodwill. She loved a good bargain and I loved a good treasure hunt. She was a very special lady with a big, beautiful smile and an even bigger heart. We would park the car and I'd run into the store overjoyed about the possibilities of what I might find that day. Let the treasure hunt commence! I would wonder through the isles of clothes and shoes, and dig through the miscellaneous bins of goodies, delighted, finding little treasures and funky clothes as I dashed around the store.
What I've come to love most about Vintage Clothes and Thrift Store Shopping is that even on my worst day I can go to my local Savers, clear my mind, and let my troubles melt away one slide of a hanger at a time. The feeling of finding something unique, and used, and One of a Kind is inspiring and uplifting to me. That excitement has stuck with me since my first thrift store adventure at The Goodwill with my Nan.
I have explored many other interests and this one fits just right. Etsy has become a place where I can share my passion for all things Vintage with you and other savvy shop owners. I'm truly passionate about this business and am completely inspired by other Etsy entrepreneurs who find joy in sharing their passion for Vintage Clothes."

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